Chile Ristras should be eaten

Chile ristras will be the first thing that people notice upon arriving in New Mexico. The striking string of dried Hatch red chile is a popular attraction for anyone who likes the southwestern design. New Mexico’s red chile and green chile are popular, so the state colors are red and green more than anything else. Most people… Continue reading Chile Ristras should be eaten

Roasting Hatch Green Chile

You can roast New Mexico green chiles or any other chile peppers. We need to first determine what we want from our roast. The purpose of roasting is to remove the chile peel. However, there is also emphasis on giving the roast a smoky flavor. A chile must have a point at which the peel can… Continue reading Roasting Hatch Green Chile

About Red Chile Powder

Many people have seen at most one type or another of chile pepper powder when they shop in the spice section of their local grocery stores. The many uses of paprika are varied in Europe as well as America. It’s not hot but can add an earthy flavor to any dish. Cayenne pepper can be used to enhance… Continue reading About Red Chile Powder

My spot for roasted Hatch chile

A double rainbow over Farmers Chile Market

I’m almost 32 now, so I’ve seen a decent amount of chile seasons come and go to Albuquerque. In my time, I’ve had a lot of dishes with green and red chile. I’ve probably sampled almost every variety of chile in New Mexico by now. I guess I could call myself an expert to some… Continue reading My spot for roasted Hatch chile

Burger Boy

The original Burger Boy artwork

When you talk about a green chile cheeseburger, Burger Boy is a place that I have long considered a central New Mexico staple. Located in the mountain suburb of Cedar Crest, this restaurant is a bit off the beaten path. If I didn’t live in Cedar Crest when I was young, it is even possible… Continue reading Burger Boy