Burger Boy

The original Burger Boy artwork. A great stop for green chile cheeseburgers near Albuquerque, New Mexico
The original Burger Boy artwork

When you talk about a green chile cheeseburger, Burger Boy is a place that I have long considered a central New Mexico staple.

Located in the mountain suburb of Cedar Crest, this restaurant is a bit off the beaten path. If I didn’t live in Cedar Crest when I was young, it is even possible I wouldn’t know about it. I have a lot of nostalgia about the kids taco meal with the smiley face fries. Unfortunately the fries are no longer, but the green chile cheeseburger is still great

A green chile cheeseburger nearby Albuquerque, New Mexico. Getting a chile cheeseburger is a great thing to do in New Mexico
Burger Boy cuts the patty in half

The burger has a lot of cheese, and a nice crispy toasted bun. There was a good char on the meat, and all the different flavors worked well together. The bun is a little flimsy, but the texture was quite nice and enjoyable to eat.

Overall, the cooking techniques to make this burger are really good. This is a burger with good fundamentals.

As far as the spice, it is a medium chile at best. It wasn’t very spicy, even when eating the chile by itself. That being said, the flavor was there, and I was satisfied. Unless you really need some fire in your burger, this should satisfy most people. In fact, I would recommend it as a place to eat a green chile cheeseburger for tourists, as they often aren’t as accustomed to heat as New Mexicans.

A green chili cheeseburger sign
One of the only places you can find the word “chili” in New Mexico

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