Where to Get Hatch Chile in Albuquerque: Farmers Chile Market

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When it comes to finding the best Hatch chile in Albuquerque, look no further than Farmers Chile Market located at 2010 Eubank Blvd NE. As the original chile roaster in the city, they have been roasting chile since 1977, earning a reputation for their exceptional quality and flavor.

One of the reasons why Farmers Chile Market stands out is their wide variety of chile options. During the season, they offer different types of chile, ranging from mild to extra hot, including the popular xxx hot lumbre chile. Whether you prefer green or red varieties, you can find it all at Farmers Chile Market. They have one convenient location at 2010 Eubank Blvd NE in the Northeast Heights. Find them on this map!

What sets Farmers Chile Market apart from other places is their commitment to freshness. They have a large refrigerated trailer where they store their chile, keeping it at a cool 35 degrees. This ensures that the chile remains as fresh as possible, preserving its vibrant flavors and heat.

In addition to their dedication to freshness, Farmers Chile Market also ensures that their customers always have access to the freshest green and red chile. They receive chile orders four times a week, guaranteeing that you will always find a fresh batch waiting for you.

But it’s not just fresh chile that you can find at Farmers Chile Market. They also offer a wide selection of dried chile products, catering to those who prefer the convenience and versatility of dried chile. From chile powder and chile pods to chile pasado and chile flavored beef jerky, they have it all. You can even find chile ristras, a traditional decorative arrangement of dried chile, perfect for adding a touch of Southwest charm to your home.

As a local business, Farmers Chile Market takes great pride in their roots. They have been a part of the Albuquerque community for five generations, with their origins tracing back to Magdalena. This deep connection to the local community is reflected in the quality of their products and the personalized service they provide.

When you visit Farmers Chile Market, you can expect to be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who are passionate about chile. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect chile product for your needs.

So, if you’re in Albuquerque and looking for the best place to get Hatch chile, make sure to visit Farmers Chile Market. With their long-standing reputation, commitment to freshness, and wide selection of chile products, you won’t be disappointed. Experience the true taste of New Mexico and spice up your meals with the finest Hatch chile around.

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